Bio: I am often told how lucky I am to be living in the age of the advancement of digital audio. This is true, but I still find myself listening more to the classic Rock’n’Roll of the 70s and Hip Hop of the early 90s. I feel that the capturing of a great performance (‘lightning in the bottle’ as one of my uni tutors often quotes) is being looked over in modern music because, with the use of modern equipment and software a sound engineer has the ability to mix out any faults and deliver a final product that is still marketable. As I advance in my studies, my hope is to gain the skills to manipulate digital audio to its full potential while still concentrating on capturing an original performance that will entertain a crowd. I’m a latecomer to professional audio, having started my studies through SAE/QANTM at the age of 30. This has given me an advantage as I bring with me the work ethic I have gained working 10 years in the logistics industry, amongst others. My passion for music gives me an incredible drive to learn and advance my skills, sure in the knowledge that this is the industry where I want to dedicate my life’s work. I’ve been lucky enough to co-produce 3 albums, and release 2 film clips. The albums were my own work released through an independent label I help run (Kut Paste Records) and I created both film clips’ storyboards and produced and co-directed the 2nd. With friend and colleague Brendan Rothwell (of Kut Paste Records), I have helped build a vocal recording booth and collect enough professional equipment to record other artists. Combined with university, this is a great avenue to gain experience in what I want to do upon completion of my bachelor degree – record and produce great albums. While still in university, my plan is to experiment as much as I can using the facilities available, gain hands-on experience with live sound by volunteering as an assistant live audio engineer, continue to record and mix artists at Kut Paste Studios, while concentrating my learning on post-production which I will major in. My greatest influences would be Rick Rubin, Bob Rock, Alan Parsons and production group The Ummah (consisting of Hip Hop group ‘A Tribe Called Quest’ members Q-Tip, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, as well late legendary producer J Dilla). Another great producer David Briggs is famous for having told Neil Young, “Be great or be gone”. This is the attitude I wish to take to my craft. And though I will always want to be involved in the recording (whether working independently or for others), I feel my skills will best be honed in the mixing and mastering of great performances. For any enquiries about recording, engineering, mixing or video production, feel free to call me on 0413 745 546 or email tim.knox83@outlook.com.

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