A Reflection On The Trimester…



  • Last Service

RECORDING: Mics, Outboard Gear

INSPIRATION: Sweet Home Alabama

Lynyrd_Skynyrd_-_Sweet_Home_AlabamaMOOD GOAL: Nostalgic

RELATION TO THEME: Sombre Train Ride,

SEMIOTIC MEANING: ‘The Ride That Is Life’

MIXING: Subtractive

DRUMS: http://www.benvesco.com/blog/mixing/

When mixing drums it’s great to have a starting point. Ben Vesco has been good enough to break down all the key characteristics of a drum kit and provide them in a group of blogs. Make sure to check out his link.

  • Mars Express

RECORDING: Record Sampling, Outboard Gear – TLA Compressor

SYNTHS: Kontact synths, Vacuum patch: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1Sr2QvcvKhPbkJJM2kycUY2WXc/edit?usp=sharing

INSPIRATION: Star Wars Canteen Music

cantina2MOOD GOAL: Erratic

RELATION TO THEME: Crazy Ride – Aims to evoke a 1920’s first class party train ride, i.e. The Trans Siberian Express

MIXING: I used subtractive EQ after sitting with a tutor and comparing the confined frequencies of 0-300Hz, 300Hz-3kHz and 3kHz-20kHz to the same confined frequencies of a reference track (Lazy Grey – The Gift). This gave me indicators as to where the track was too heavy in certain frequencies.

DRUMS: Refer to previous blog – https://timknox83.wordpress.com/2014/08/27/recording-process-micing-outboard-gear-techniques-for-pre-production/

  • Wrong Side of the Tracks

RECORDING: See previous blogs – https://timknox83.wordpress.com/2014/08/27/recording-process-micing-outboard-gear-techniques-for-pre-production/


SYNTHS: NI Kontakt

INSPIRATION: Pharoahe Monch – PTSD (Beats by Marco Polo)


MOOD GOAL: Create the atmosphere of train stations and train yards. In spoken brief I was asked to (excuse the language) evoke the words “fuck you we are doing this”, so the semiotics in the song were created for a feel of revolution, with much of the sonic energy being created through industrial automotive sampling (Train Sounds).

  • Train Boogie

I added this as it was something I did personally and ended up using some of my train samples for. This will also be used for a graffiti video project I am working on.


For a little bit of history on the project, check out these links:






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